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by Nekrogoblikon

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Joshua Long
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Joshua Long This is Nekrogoblikon's Magnum Opus. Every single dogmanned track is fantastic. From open to close this album is amazing. I've been following this band for years and own everything they've ever released on actual-CDs but re-bought it all on bandcamp to both just support the band as well as tell all you heathens out there how fantastic they are. Get the lyrics and read them and you'll see that there is a deep and well-crafted lore to the reality they've created within their music. Favorite track: Prince Of The Land Of Stench.
Ippocalyptica thumbnail
Ippocalyptica My first exposure to Nekrogoblikon (and the legendary John Goblikon) was about five years ago through the phenomenal music video for No One Survives, which to this day remains one of the funniest and best music videos that I have ever seen. They have since followed up that video with other great ones (most notably We Need a Gimmick), but far from just having an amazing sense of humour (look at the ridiculous album tags above) and outstanding videos, these gents are actually a very talented melodic death metal band - emphasis on the death metal - with a very strong discography. Stench is my favourite album of theirs, but there is not a dud in the bunch. Expect plenty of colourful and upbeat guitar and piano melodies and solos, but also a healthy dose of crunchy and heavy riffs, powerful drums with ample variety and oomph, and a surprisingly great balance between clean and harsh vocals. This album improves my mood whenever I listen to it, no matter what may be happening in my life. Goblin metal forever! Favorite track: Invasion.
Werewolfrulez thumbnail
Werewolfrulez The funniest metal album ever. I love it! Favorite track: Invasion.
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NO ONE SURVIVES Two billion more will die tonight! Imagine stacks of burning flesh, Whole city blocks now house the ashes of mankind. Sounds of inhuman laughter spreading forth across the earth. Look on, there's not much left to see. When all the humans start to die... When all that don't shall go insane... As they look up at blackened sky, THE GOBLINS KILL AGAIN! In times before the goblins came, We only had ourselves to blame, For the problems in our lives, Spiralling down towards our demise. We used to laugh, we used to cry, Now the only thing we do is die! Dying slowly in the winter light, No one survives tonight! The end of days is here, There is no going back. The forests burn and oceans boil, The ground is stained forever black. The world is gone! A massive grave endures instead, Toxic weeds are growing over the bodies of the dead. Whole countries lie ruined, civilization erased. The oceans infected with nuclear waste. (Nuclear waste) (What a terrible place) No one survives the end of the world.
Bears 04:44
BEARS Bears! Charging down the ravine, Eyes glowing bright as they tear out your spleen. Over the mountains they fly with a roar Wherever they go, the bears just leave gore! Bears! Standing tall in the woods, They'll bite off your face if you're up to no good. Claws leaving scars, giant teeth tearing skin, Fur on the outside and darkness within! Beware the shadows that slink out of sight. The noises you hear will fill you with fright. Tonight the bears are hungry. (hungry...) Tonight you will not escape. (no escape...) Listening to you as you say your prayers - Evil bears with deadly stares. Ripping you apart to protect what's theirs - There is no escape from the furious bears! Hunters away! Stalking their prey! Track deep in the woods, to skin and to slay, They'll never catch up to the treacherous bears, Leading the hunters back to their lairs. Look up in the forest, and what do you see? The face of a bear that's watching for thee. Stand still, never budge, or the end will come quick, Don't make a sound, don't break a twig. Many ways you can die, torn limb from limb, Being eaten by a bear would be especially grim. BEARS! Watching you... BEARS! You're just food for... BEARS! Death comes slow when you're attacked by... BEARS! Live to kill... BEARS! Blood will spill... BEARS! Children eaten by the giant... BEARS! Setting a trap will lead to your death, You'll wake up in its jaws, you'll stop drawing breath. Tonight the bears surround you. (Surround you...) Tonight there will be blood. (YOUR BLOOD!) Hunters away! Stalking their prey! Track deep in the woods, to skin and to slay, They'll never catch up to the treacherous bears, Leading the hunters back to their lairs.
Goblin Box 04:25
GOBLIN BOX Moist Fleshy pink hands are now Covering us, Lowering us into A tiny metal Box. They said we would never escape The goblin box, They had never been so fucking wrong In their whole god damn motherfucking Lives so easy to save, Lost by the hundreds. Foolproof design? But this box is Easy to fucking destroy! Where the fuck are your brains now? I (think I) see them on the wall Breaking free (Rip all the humans) With ease (Tear all the humans up) Our appetite for blood (Kill all the humans) Impossible to please Stuffed Into the clutches of this Horrible box, So Many other beasts Have met their demises. They said that the box Was a damn solid design, But what they didn't realize Was goblins are stronger, faster, and smarter. Chuckling humans, sealing the box, Goblins are undeterred. Taking great care as they check all the locks Not a peep can be heard as they speak not a word! In the end, the humans are mauled, beaten, and killed. You may ask how this came to pass... How did we escape the box? Clearly, the answer is... The humans had built the box to torture and maim all kinds of magical creatures... But the goblins were not to be trifled with, no not to be trifled with at all. And as the humans lay there, a pulsating mound of bone and flesh, dead and mutilated Beyond all hope and reason, the goblins feasted on their rotting corpses, filling the halls with the shrill sound of chilling laughter. Forever.
The Bog 04:15
THE BOG Oh! What a septic embrace! The flies circle over this poisonous place. Death! Rotting scum all around! Sludge underfoot pulls you down to the ground. Oh! Do you loathe the decay? The bog growing stronger with each passing day? Hollow! Of horror and pain! Tearing the flesh and draining your veins. Murky and stagnant, caustic and timeless, No one is spared by this venomous pool. Corpses dissolve, condemned to the darkness, Judgment is passed by the toxic lagoon. A place in a wood, 'midst the dreary old trees, Shadows enclosing a swamp of disease, No animals here, just a horrible smell, The bog of despair will remind you of hell. Like quicksand it beckons to all passing near, Try and come close and you'll soon disappear. Fall in the bog, fetid stench all around, Miasma will deaden your screams as you drown! Slithering serpents, forever will haunt me, Calling me forth to a terrible fate. Echoing laughter from a featureless nightmare, Drowned in the mire, my death I await. Melting your legs if you wade in too deep, Burning your eyes, it won't help if you weep, Horrible beasts kill you quick if you sleep, The bog is alive and your soul it will reap! Unspeakable chill fills your heart at the sight, Facing your doom as your skin turns to white, The goddamned muck kills me twice out of spite, DIE IN THE BOG ON THIS TERRIBLE NIGHT. The monsters are watching, as though in a trance, Circling the hollow in a sickening dance Waiting for the bog to swallow me whole Their hideous eyes stealing more of my soul...
A Feast 04:21
A FEAST Barreling through space in their massive spaceships, Cheers are ringing out in the feasting hall. Human skulls are thrown on a giant table, Goblins like to smash them against the walls. Hey! Get up! It's time to party with the horde, Bring! Your friends! We'll eat them too. Hey! Wake up! Oh wait you're not breathing anymore, Hey! You're dead! You'll be part of our stew. HEY! HEY! GOBLINS SINGING THROUGH THE NIGHT HEY! HEY! GOBLINS SING! HEY! HEY! GOBLINS RAGE IN DRUNKEN FIGHTS! HEY! HEY! GOBLINS RAGE! Grabbing bloody skulls for his grim collection, The king is walking through his loyal horde. Savoring the battles fought against the humans, Galactic goblin domination is now restored. There's no such thing as morning In the cold expanse of space, Especially for the drunken goblin Murderous grin upon his crafty face. Shoving priceless human relics Into a dingy little case, Hauling ass to Goblin Island Now that the Earth has been erased! Eat the humans! Eat the humans! Goblins chant and fan the flames. Roasting eyeballs in the furnace, Screaming babies writhe in pain! Blast the engines! Let's go faster! Count the tons of human meat. Hauling ass to Goblin Island, Celebrate mankind's defeat! Eat... Yes, we'll eat them! All of them. Tonight we feast. Faster, smarter, goblins are fucking drunk. Because this is a fucking feast.
RETURN TO THE SKY (FROM WHENCE YOU CAME) Scanning the sky with eyes open wide, I'm not ready to die! My hands are trembling; They are descending down! From the mountains... they fly! From the seas... they rise! Diving down from crimson skies, The giant birds peck out our eyes, Fight for your lives! Kill all of them! Every last one will be dead! Severed humans are flying left and right, An arm, a leg, a spleen, our brains are taking flight! They will take our organs 'til we die, Dismembered bodies rain down from the sky! Please don't feed the fucking birds! Please don't feed the fucking birds! Panic erupts as the newscast airs, Denizens of earth have just been made aware Of the terrible fate that awaits them all, The unbearable truth; the impending squall. In the skies above, the birds all proudly soar, Hungry for more, Ready to pluck every being off the face of the Earth, Beaking the infants with rigorous mirth. Everyone is dead. What was once the proud human race has been reduced to Nothing more than common bird droppings.
Invasion 04:56
INVASION A rotting old cabin collapses in gloom, This is a requiem for a bitter man's tomb. Blistering spite for the whole human race, Planning our doom with a grin on his face. (A grin on his fucking face!) When the goblins arrived. a beacon he sent, Cackling with madness as he watched its ascent. Alone in the forest, his treason is done. Alone in the forest, our prodigal son. Drawing back farther into the abyss of his mind, All semblance of human has been left behind. The traitor, pariah, he'll pay the price. In the forest he stays, while the goblin armies slice. Pacing the room where evil was wrought, Devoid of shame, devoid of thought. The goblin joke is to drive him insane, Get in his head and laugh at his pain... He goes to the shed, Picking a barrow to carry the dead, Piling the corpses of girls on a bed, Rotting collection of brides to be wed. A rotting old cabin collapses in gloom, This is a requiem for a bitter man's tomb. Blistering spite for the whole human race, Planning our doom with a grin on his face. Drawing back farther into the abyss of his mind, All semblance of human has been left behind. The traitor, pariah, he'll pay the price. In the forest he stays, while the goblin armies slice. The goblins came! Invaders aim! All mankind! Now will die!!!!!
GALLOWS AND GRAVES Gallows and graves! Gallows and graves! Human beings turned into slaves. Asylum in space! A terrible place! All you love will be erased. Gallows and graves! Gallows and graves! Torture chambers fill the caves. Spikes from above! Fire below! Goblins fill your heart with woe. Arrive at the gates of this prison from hell, The punished cry as they toll the bells Goblins are flaying the incoming herd, The monsters are all horrible beyond words. Screaming in pain they cry for home As their skin is flayed down to the bone Despite their cries they shall not be saved Yet another race has been enslaved Fifty at a time their bodies dumped Into the pit of fire create a blinding blaze And the stench of searing flesh Will emanate forever into outer space Massive chimneys expel awful smells, Millions of prisoners weep in their cells, No one escapes from that sinister place, The gallows and graves at the edge of space. Descend through the catacombs and meet your demise. A lake of despair looms before your eyes. Unearthly creatures hunger for meat. Don't fuck with their jaws or you will lose your feet. The scum on the walls is toxic, Mold is growing on the dead. Ovens burn the mangled bodies Cockroaches scurry under doors made of lead. Shoveling corpses into a pit, The gallows are covered in shit. Shoveling corpses as fast as they can, The holocaust runs according to plan.
Nekropolis 05:14
NEKROPOLIS [Nekropolis - the city of goblins. This thriving urban center has been the homeland of the goblin race for over ten thousand years. A new race tries to breach the high walls of Nekropolis. A new race is mutilated!] Ten thousand years Of bitter war, The soldiers march, March towards the storm. They rage on - Through the night! Locked into a vicious fight! Drink the blood and remove the eyes, Rip out the tongues to silence the cries, Only misery the survivors will find, As they crawl away deaf, dumb, and blind. Armies will charge, again and again, No victories await them, just a bitter bitter end. Protecting the capital, their emerald crown, The goblins will strike the heads to the ground. Any siege will be doomed, no matter the force, The goblins just eat them: soldier and horse. No one will dare to scale the high walls, Or vats of dark acid will cover them all. Ten thousand years, We've held them back, Anyone who dares, Dares to attack. The armies - We maul! Endless cries ringing through the halls! Our home since the dawn of time, Empires may rise and fall, but the lights of Nekropolis will always shine. So many battles have been waged, outside of NEKROPOLIS! The invaders will fall, outside of NEKROPOLIS!
The Plague 04:29
THE PLAGUE A disease brings an end to mankind... Covered in boils, screaming in pain. Succumbing to the poison they spread by ten years of rain. Imagine a plague that will never end, Imagine the sickness taking your friends, Convulsing for hours 'til you finally die, The fires will send your ashes to the sky. Bodies are melting, the oceans run red, Dark waters hold the last of the dead. The goblins attacked our organs and cells, Our last screams shall echo: "WE'LL SEE YOU IN HELL!" Illness dwells in this land of the damned... Dementia takes hold, witness mass suicide. Clawing the skin as it peels off our bones we have nowhere to hide. We will all die in this chemical war, Dissolve our intestines, writhe on the floor. Cough up a lung while the liver explodes, then Feel the collapse of the temporal lobe. Landing their ships, the goblins all sing, Preparing the meat for the hall of the king. Immune to the infection they spread through the land, Filling their cauldrons with our severed hands. Bleeding! From arteries torn... Infected! Every infant that's born... Screaming! For inevitable end... Dying! Families and friends.
PRINCE OF THE LAND OF STENCH In a land where the stench Will never go away, An atmosphere of filth clouds the Light of the day. Condemned to rule this land By an oath forced to be sworn. One stands above the rest, Prince of a land forlorn. Prince of the land of stench. I will infect you with a curse, Immerse you in the bog headfirst! My land you will leave drenched, I am... PRINCE OF THE LAND OF STENCH! And growing old, you'll see me laugh, While pointing grizzled amber staff, My thirst for power you will quench - I am... PRINCE OF THE LAND OF STENCH! The streets are lined With a mixture of feces and gore. The prince is still not satisfied, He's calling out for more! From open windows, Cradles will be snatched! From the cliffside down to the boiling sea, Infants shall be cast! Wading through mounds of moldering limbs, His highness closes in with a smoldering grin. Watch his steps well with an anticipating eye, For the moment they stop is the moment you die! Gleefully destroying as he covers you in slime, Snaps off your neck to make a crapper (fecal party's a good time!) Your skin is toilet paper and he'll use your bile as lube Next thing you know you're oozing shit like a toothpaste tube! While they all take turns violating your orifi, The king and his men crack jokes and high five! Snapping and popping and squelching are the sounds That your insides make as they're passed around! Stench! Bend before my will! You have no hope, no chance to stay alive... So fucking... Break! Beneath my stench! Suffocate! You take a look around and realize that something is not quite right. You take a whiff and then you realize your god forsaken plight: You are trapped in a small room with the prince of the land of stench now And you are left to wonder what you've done to deserve this and how. You're going to die (with excruciating pain) This is the end... And you begin to cry. Why?! But there is no reason known to man, You're just another component of the prince's private plan. As the blade sinks deeper into your gut You realize you're nothing but someone else's smut! In a land where the stench will always remain, There lives a prince who will never refrain... From dealing forth the damage of a mind warped into filth By a tenure in a land with a stench so vile he has no choice but kill!
THIS IS OUR GOD (HE IS SO GREAT) Eternal hails to thee, O better god than man's We thank you for the delicious children, Which we are about to consume, with vigor and passion. Circle of goblins praising their lord Sacrificing children with their goblin swords Circle of children, waiting to die Carved out of the womb, no chance for goodbye (or hello). Our jade cathedral stands alone on an island in space The twisted spires stab the heavens in this consecrated place The ceiling, the walls, and the ground of the hall, Are paved over with feces and corpses short and tall This is our god, he is so great, he'll be the one to seal your fate. This is our god, if you don't believe you will soon receive the hand of hate. Sacrificing through the night (growled "and the day" over this), the only way to make things right. Our reverence is your fright; our devotion is your plight. There is no heaven, only goblin hell: The greenest black you've ever seen. Where dark things dwell and Toll the bells that mark the time of your farewell. Where dark things dwell and Toll the bells that mark the time of your farewell. The least zealous will be killed, Their bodies sealed in concrete, Shipped to the barren wastelands In the shame of their defeat. The most zealous will receive, A reward that tastes so sweet It's a delectable sauce Made of pureed human meat. Eternal hails to thee, O better god than man's, Thank you for the delicious children Which we are about to consume With vigor and passion. Our master who art in space, hallowed be thy stench, Thy kingdom come. Thy will is death. On earth as it is on Goblin Island. Give us this day our daily bludgeoning. Praise us for our trespasses and disembowel those who trespass against us. And lead us to a feast. And deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom and the slime and the filth. Forever and ever. AMEN


STENCH is the second abomination brought forth by Nekrogoblikon unto humanity.

This album was written and recorded between November 2006 and July 2010.


released July 19, 2011

Produced by Nekrogoblikon. Drums and guitars engineered by Zack Ohren.
Vocals engineered by Will Price and Billy Oliver.
Mixed by Timbus and Zack Ohren. Electronica written and produced by Nicholas Von Doom.
Album art by Guido Martin Trucco and Ken Knox. Layout by Guido and Timbus with help from the rest of the band.

Nekrogoblikon is:

Nicholas Von Doom - Vocals and keys
Timbus - Guitars and backup vocals
Alex Alereza - Guitars and backup vocals
Anthony Delorenzi - Keys
Austin Nickel - Bass
Eddie Trager - Drums and percussion (xylophone and glockenspiel)

All music and lyrics by Nekrogoblikon, however, big thanks to Diamond Head for a certain lead and At The Gates for inspiration. Thanks to Labyrinth for scarring us when we were children.


all rights reserved



Nekrogoblikon Los Angeles, California

What happens when you put a bunch of bloodthirsty, music-loving goblins together? Well, a lot of disembowelment, but also a lot of catchy tunes. Formed six millennia ago, and practicing only every other leap year on a full moon, the band has perfected their brand of crushing goblin music. ... more


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