by Nekrogoblikon

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power is the third abomination brought forth by Nekrogoblikon unto humanity.

All music recorded between March and April of 2013


released August 27, 2013

Produced by Nekrogoblikon
Mixed by Matt Hyde
Drums recorded by Chris Rakestraw
Keyboards, electronica, and programming produced by Nicholas Von Doom
Guitars, vocals, and mallets produced by Timbus
Artist Management – Brett Powell with Outerloop Management
Legal – Ian Friedman
European booking – Jim Morewood (E.G.O.)
U.S. booking – Dan Rozenblum (Pantheon Agency)
Publicity – Adrenaline PR (U.S.), Hold Tight PR (UK/EU)
Radio – The Syndicate
Thanks to Jon Nathan for the use of his percussion/mallet instruments
Cover by Aleks Vujovic
Electrocution by Abby Howard
Chalk art by Nicholas Knudson
Album layout by Aaron Marsh
All guitars tracked using custom guitars built by Jeff Hampton
Thanks to David Attenborough for teaching and inspiring us
Thanks to Stump for his invaluable contribution

Nekrogoblikon is:

Nicholas Von Doom – Vocals and keys
Timbus – Guitars and backup vocals
Alex Alereza – Guitars and backup vocals
Aaron Minich – Keys
Brandon Frenzel – Bass
Eddie Trager – Drums, xylophone, marimba, glockenspiel, and tambojingles

All music by Nekrogoblikon
All lyrics by Nekrogoblikon except “Bells & Whistles”. “Bells & Whistles” lyrics by Nekrogoblikon and Andy Riggin

Timbus thanks: all bandmates past and present, Kayla for the support, Matt & Chris for the mix, Brett and Dermer for helping us raise the bar, Abby, Al, Aleks, and Knudson for the art, The Mountain, Line 6, Kahler Bridges, HALO Guitars, Karma Mics, Guiness brewery, and SwiftTest Inc.

Alex thanks (in no particular order): My Family, Viviene, My bandmates, Brandon Dermer, Brett Powell, Randy Ray, Dan Rozenblum, Matt Hyde, Chris Rakestraw, all our friends and fans who have supported us in any way, Stone Brewing Co., Jameson Whisky, and 1800 Tequila.

Eddie thanks: Family, friends, fans, Jon Nathan, Dr. Dale Ellwein.

Brandon thanks: Fellow bandmates, Hannah, friends & family, Matt & Chris for making this EP sound gnarly, Amp rehearsal & Line 6 Inc., India Pale Ales, our endorsers, and fellow musicians for sharing their stories and advice.

Aaron thanks: My parents for pushing me to become a greater musician, Brandon Dermer, David Rispoli, and everyone else involved for making our music video, Matt Hyde for all the work you’ve done with our EP, I am very grateful to be involved in a band with amazing musicians and good friends. CHEERS to the members of Nekrogoblikon, friends, family, and fans.

Nicholas Von Doom thanks (in no particular order): time & space, bro

Vic Firth
HALO Guitars
Line 6
The Mountain
Radii Shoes



all rights reserved


Nekrogoblikon Los Angeles, California

What happens when you put a bunch of bloodthirsty, music-loving goblins together? Well, a lot of disembowelment, but also a lot of catchy tunes. Formed six millennia ago, and practicing only every other leap year on a full moon, the band has perfected their brand of crushing goblin music. ... more

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Track Name: Friends (in Space)
Many things can happen in space!
Moons spinning past, black holes, gamma rays...
You can see lots of things in space!
Asteroids, cosmic dust, solar winds forever gust!
Unless you want to die in space you must learn to trust...
Your friends!

Things, things in space, lots of things!
One dwarf, two dwarf, red dwarf, blue dwarf!
Stuff, stuff in space, lots of stuff!
Three dwarf, four dwarf, black hole, fuck you!

Friends, friends in space, lots of friends!
Nekrogoblikon! Nekrogoblikon!
Space! Trust your friends, just your friends!
Nekrogoblikon! Nekrogoblikon!

To the heavens, we shall fly - try to find the reason why
To the edge of space we'll blast, towards the future, fuck the past!
Lots of things surrounding you, it's a brand new point of view
Trust your heart, follow through, don't stop searching for the truth!

Cryogenic encounters of the cosmic kind
Into the void, what will we find? Who knows?
Severed the ties - we left it all behind
Into the stars we go!

[solos: Alex, Aaron]

Many things can happen in brains!
Time's coming near, almost there, never fear...
You can think lots of stuff with brains!
Free your mind, join the horde! Friends in space forevermore
All together powerful and we will never reach
The end!

Brains, brains in space, lots of brains!
could mind, don't mind, never mind, hive mind!
Space, space in space, lots of space!
Three void, four void, butt hole, fuck you!

Friends, friends in space, lots of friends!
Nekrogoblikon! Nekrogoblikon!
Hark! Trust your friends, just your friends!
Nekrogoblikon! Nekrogoblikon!
Track Name: Nothing but Crickets
Darkness blots out the sun
Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run
A roaring torrent of oily fiends
Through the city streets careens

Crickets! That's what they are
Crickets! As far as the eye can see:
They're hopping and chirping and breeding and
Feasting on the flesh of you and

I will not survive!
This onslaught of evil embodied:
This insect eruption, this cricket corruption

All mankind will die! (all mankind will die)

Nothing but crickets remain:
Foolish and proud, we thought them mundane.
Until one fateful night, everything changed,
Out with a chirp, not with a bang!

Chirp chirp chirp BLEHH

This vulgar contagion of cricketine rot
Spreads through the land with a chirp and a hop
As we swarm to the left, we shall swarm to the right
Battalions of crickets all swarming tonight
We are crickets together; crickets who sin
Husk on the outside, crickets within!
Hopping together, we're hopping all night
Hopping for victory, hopping with might!

Bounding over the hills,
They won't stop till they get their fill!
Squirming river of terrible bugs,
Catastrophic hopping flood!

Crickets! Rain from the sky!
Crickets! They're coming for you and me:
Leaping and creeping and crawling and
Gouging out your...

I will not survive!
Ignoring our sobs and ignoring our begs
As they kick off our faces with muscular legs

All mankind will die! (all mankind will die)

You are a cricket and I am one too,
We're all just crickets who are coming for you
An eye for a feeler, or an arm for a wing,
It's time for our revenge on all human fiends.
Track Name: Powercore
Get out!

Your repugnancy deeply sickens me,
You are a failure and I want you to die!
Your dumb look implies that you do not know why,
So let me break it down:

You are stifling the power, rotten to the core
Such a massive fail, guess what? You're boring and I've seen this all before
You're a joke and no one's laughing,
I'm goin' for baroque and it all comes crashing down

Every time that you try to do something right
You seem to get it oh so wrong
It's almost like a joke
But no one's laughing now
As we reach the final hour
You were never the core of my power
Just a foolish dream and
You have failed me

You're so terrible, it's unbearable
You're just a phony, and I want you to explode
Your deplorable brain fills my heart with disdain
Ain't got the time to explain...

[solos: Aaron, Alex]

To think I ever trusted you makes me bow my head in shame
Everything has gone to shit and as always you're the only one to blame
Reality trembles at the notion of one so naive
To know I gave you one more chance gives me the creeps

More disappointing than a box of rats on christmas
More worthless than a dumpster filled with pogs (POGS!)
More disgusting than the time I took a bath with lots of slugs
More revolting than a barrel full of ears
Track Name: Bells & Whistles
All aboard!

It all seemed so simple,
Everything was going right on (right on) track.
Such a simple proposition,
But nothing's ever what it seems to be.

Rich or poor, what's done is done,
Now there's no more (no more) going back.
Full speed, full steam ahead,
And we're running (running) out of track.

When at first I met the fiend,
He whispered to me his fiendish scheme!

Flip the switch!
Change the course!
Money's good!
No remorse!

Drunk on thoughts of harlots and gold.
Everything would be mine, or so I was told.
Reroute the train, my only task.
What for, and how, I dare not ask!

Lined up at the station,
Everybody wants to ride the (ride the) train.
Such a tempting new adventure,
But nothing's ever what it seems to be.

Sheriff and deputy, banker and the hangman,
Everybody's here!
The time has come to go!
I tell them not to fear...

So all aboard!

A scream from the caboose!
It has begun!
But why is there blood?
I did not agree to murder,
This is supposed to be a robbery!
The fiend has stabbed me in the back!

He's a fiend with a plan and I trusted him well but then
How could I know this would go straight to hell?
With a whistle and a bell (a whistle and a bell)
A whistle and a bell (a whistle and a bell)

On a train I control on the route that I changed
It's a nightmare and I am the one that's to blame,
With a whistle and a bell (a whistle and a bell)
A whistle and a bell (a whistle and a bell)

All aboard this train of death are being slaughtered
Right before my eyes!
Guts are flying everywhere,
Propelled by fiendish lies!

Dragged down the aisle, my shackled family
Are slowly being flayed by the claws of the fiend!

By the time I stop the train their skin is fully peeled
The fiend is eating my wife's brain as a victory meal!
What have I done? What have I done?!
Gone and ruined a nice train ride for everyone!

[solo: Alex]
Track Name: Giraffe
Far away from home, looking out at the stars,
We found a dead giraffe, floating right by Mars.
A strange creature he was with his big sad eyes,
How'd he wind up here? What a long-necked surprise!

Suddenly a giraffe! Suddenly a giraffe! (Giraffe!)
Everybody come look, everybody come laugh! (Giraffe!)

We carried him in, we sang a somber song,
There was talk of death, and if we had gone wrong...
So far in space, we'd been through a lot,
Should we turn back now? Has it all been for naught?

Fuck it!
Goblins forever!
Friendship is the only option!
Let's eat our new giraffe!

[solo: Tim]