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Welcome to Bonkers

by Nekrogoblikon

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gregory duveau
gregory duveau thumbnail
gregory duveau J'ai découvert N. avec leur disque sorti en 2022 qui a été une très bonne surprise. J'ai suivi le chemin à rebours et ce disque s'avère pour moi tout aussi génial que son petit frère. C'est du gros metal putain de bien foutu et très drôle. Un enchaînement de supers bonnes idées, des riffs, le synthé magistral. Un disque très bien écrit, ça joue terrible, c'est innovant, décomplexé, inattendu, entêtant. C'est le metal du futur qui a bien appris ses classiques. Beaucoup de joie.
nickchaotus90 thumbnail
nickchaotus90 This album is insanely incredible. It travels through a land full of goblins dressed as goblins, magical spiders to wish upon, attempts to appreciate the light and reverting to the visceral need for darkness, cursing and hailing of the cosmos, and to the transcendence of time and space. The sounds throughout are absolutely amazing, cannot get enough of the beautiful sound this album contains. Favorite track: Darkness.
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peedman An album you need to listen to RIGHT NOW Favorite track: Thanks for Nothing, Moon.
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Mold 03:53
i was sittin’ around i started thinkin’ about the way my life has gone down it made me so upset but there was something waiting- eating at my sense of nothing i’d become a participant- never been innocent but the stench was so on point i tried to justify the darkness only to become its likeness chorus: when you believe you’ve lost all hope when you believe there’s nothing left- then make way for the mold it clings to you and me- it’s there for all to see we chose to let it grow moving on- a choice to be a stronger son at the age where you realize nothing can be won but i have paid so many dues i’m moving on with or without you how is it you feel now? i’m in love with mold chorus MOLD chorus
hey now, whad'ya know- it’s time to go again time to go pretend i’m a typical man but in my head i’m goin’ bonkers- everything is awkward please don’t look me in the eye i’m about ready for another episode yeah my head’s about to fuckin’ explode but i’ll bide my time and try to find a way to keep it bottled up inside chorus: how long can i hold on to this mask of sanity- what is happening to me? how long can i fool the world how long can i fool the world everyday of my life is a god damn sham yes sir no sir thank you ma’am- how do you do have you got the time? no, no, no- i do not believe there is any saving me- nor do i wish there was but i’ll bide my time and try to find a way to keep it bottled up inside chorus i can not imagine the gall it took to say what you said but nevertheless you’re a fool and i could never see the world the same way as you don’t seem to appreciate the world- and i gotta lotta shit to do the clock has not stopped for this time; i’ll just be passing through chorus how long have i held on to this god damned state of mind- losing one thing at a time how long can i fool the world how long can i fool the world
Row 03:20
i been rap tap tappin at the devil’s door i’ve never been too good but now- a knocking at my door? oh no! i ain’t got time for you! row! i wish i woulda been told- i’d offended god i would have been much more careful- but the damage can’t be undone i’ve enjoyed myself- well isn’t that a shock now they are breaking down my door and i’m worried about what the devil’s in store for me had a vision of a cross impaling my throat- oh wow! such power! now they got me on the floor, i’m lookin’ at a shoe but what did i do? open your eyes it’s time now they finally figured it out! all i gotta do is chorus: ROW! you must obey your master ROW! your bones are breaking while you ROW! we should be going faster ROW! the whip will crack your back now row! 10 years ago today- every one of us became a slave but now we don’t mind- we just wanna see the galley go to sit back and watch the show- but the show is made of us and i’m worried about (i’m worried about)- what the future holds for me row! chain me to the bow take away my phone flagellate my soul nowhere left to go screaming in pain they cry for home- but there’s nowhere to go and nothin to do but row row row, row row row we’re rowin’ nowhere fast and god is on the wind- but i can’t feel the wind so row row row, row row row 2 thousand years of slaughter and we only just begun- what a ball of fun row row row, row row row we never said that we would row- but now we’re chained from stern to bow now row row row, row row row nothing left to do but chorus ROW! and everything you thought was true ROW! and now you’re sittin’ on the cemetary stone ROW! (you) can’t move i never said that i would row it didn’t matter
dressed as goblins nice to see the friends dressed as goblins do it all again but in a way it’s all so surreal and cerebral i’m tryin’ to feel good- i’m diggin’ the tempo- another memento for my long lost dream of life on the outside lookin’ in i’ve got a power struggle- i can’t wait to win we’re in a different dimension (we’re in a different dimension)- a dimension where you’re still a fish try to breathe- don’t need to speak to me hang on to the sights and sounds time is passing fast and i never want this world to end chorus: life- what a fuckin’ joke ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha boom- now we all explode ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha dressed as goblins we are at the show dressed as goblins now we all explode in a different way it’s all too real- i’m still tryin’ to feel good winnin’ or losin’-another illusion- another distraction from a bygone way of life on the inside lookin’ out- i got a feeling it’s too late for me to pull out from the other dimension- it’s a different dimension- a dimension full of nasty pricks try to breathe- don’t even to speak to me hang on to the sights and sounds time is passing fast and i never want this world to end chorus oh when the end has come around, oh when the world has let you down and there’s nothing to keep you going and all your dreams have come to pass- you never knew life went so fast now you see everybody dressed as goblins now it’s time to die dressed as goblins there’s no reason why
Dragons 04:20
you talkalottacrap nevermind the bull you think you’re swell you’re full of shit i don’t wanna hear your god damn lies no more, no more will i be blinded deafened and dumb by the motherfuckin' walls you erected when you still thought we were chums i found the writing on the walls, i could hardly believe what i saw as i ran to tell the others thunder crashed and lightning cracked the sky and then there was a hole and then a voice said “yo- listen- this is for all you- trust me" but still, i don’t believe it was ever for me why can’t you see? listen chorus: there’s a dragon ripping you to shreds it wants to be your friend it’s just trying to impress you so won’t you let it be, let it be there’s a goblin dancing in your head he’s dancing for the end i’m only being honest so won’t you let it be, let it be i remember finding writings on a certain wall this was before the time when i knew anything at all but now the times have changed now i know everything all i can say is- the writings make me feel the same so where do i place the blame? has this always been a game? i’m tempted to believe i want to give you everything but still, i don’t believe it was ever for me why can’t you see? listen chorus there’s a dragon in the sky- a dragon made of dreams take the dragon’s wing and together you will fly across the night- so far beyond the light let the dragon take you home
moon is rising hi i’m doing well ain’t this quite the lie now we’re in hell moon is on the move- is with the times moon will not forget- is not a lie and you say goodnight moon it’s looking out for me but i say god damned moon you’re a god damned thief looking up at the moon i wanna say i’m a reasonable guy- but don’t cross me, moon i wanna say i’m a lunar dude- but don’t test me i’m all about the sun chorus: lookin' up at the moon sometimes i wanna proclaim life is over too soon and everything is the same the moon up in space/the tides below and you’ll never be home and you think “this will pass” “this is life and i am the master” ...well i got news for you you’re a god damned fool everytime that you speak i feel a burning irritation in my bowels- so don’t talk to me i wanna say you’re an alright dude- but don’t test me i’m not about to lie chorus thinkin' back to the days when i used to trust the moon it all seemed so alive but then reality exploded and i lost my mind now that the moon is in my past i realize most things will never last now that the moon is cached and banged out i realize it’s a cosmic hyper-drought you think that you understand the moon would not believe you’re gone so soon i’ll curse the moon chorus now i’m sitting alone in a hotel room with a bottle of scotch and a cheap prostitute and i’m thinking about my life so far and everything i’ll never be then i see the moon on high and he’s smiling at the night and i think to myself/thanks for nothing, moon viewing the moon as a cosmic inanimate object i’m forced to say fuck you
there’s a house on a hill with a thief inside and he’s looking for a coat that’ll fit just right why won’t you let me try them on? (why won’t you let me try them on?) childhood! i’m always thinking about childhood! it happened again i can’t remember the last thing i did blood is on my hands- screams are ringing in my ears and i’m covered in skin chorus: blanket me in this epidermal epiphany this is my fate i am the skin thief there’s a house on a hill with a thief outside in a brand new coat and it fits just right you never would let me try them on (you never let me try them on) childhood! god damn you childhood! it’s happening now but i’ll never remember the screams or the howls death is flashing in my eyes and i’m covered in skin chorus i was but a boy- walking alone in the snow with no coat mother said no (mother said no) and that’s when i froze i just wanted clothes mother never gave in i just needed a coat now i make them from skin this has become my life- i am the skin thief blanket me in this epidermal epiphany this is your face i am the skin thief oh it tortures me just one look in my eyes and you will see i laugh at my fate but i’m still the skin thief
Darkness 04:07
i can’t escape the darkness it turns out everything is bullshit egregious, self-satisfied but i’ve been trying not to think like that, no… …i gotta be positive there’s a lotta good things about life whoah oh it’s been a helluva ride so far and there’s still more to go i’ve been tryin' for a while, can’t even bring myself to smile it’s like dyin' for a cause that i do not believe in i try to understand the light, i try to fall asleep at night i’m givin’er all she’s got- and i don’t wanna fail but i need some darkness after all these years, i’d been hoping for a glimpse of the other side i spent a lotta time on the good stuff just to learn well maybe that’s not my ride i try and try and try and try and then it all starts over again i ask myself why why do i even pretend? i was trying for a minute, but that was before i found sin & now that i have i’m not sure i wanna go back again i tried to understand the light, never fell asleep at night i did what i could with what i had but i gotta have darkness now the time has come- day is on the run night has fallen and for good, just like i always knew it would hope you said goodbye to light because it’s in the past- it was never going to last now the sky is black and everything’s falling down life is like a lost & found sometimes you get lucky (and the world is black) how can i feel this way? i thought the light was here to stay but now the darkness da da da darkness here for good- i knew it would but i thought i might have light... ...i will have darkness
there’s a magic spider on the wind he spins a web for you and if you wish upon a spider all your wishes will all come true there’s a magic spider ‘round the bend watching your every move and if you wish upon a spider all your dreams willl come true too i search the world for a magic spider with the fire in my eyes across dimensions unknown i must reveal this web of lies into the galaxy we fly with the promise of a spider in our eyes intercosmic galacticon route number five i must retrieve the spider
13.7 billion years ago something terrible happened and everything snapped into phase the universe was born- humanity was doomed 4.6 billion years ago there was a terrible rock floating through space and then it stopped- and it began to spin chorus: time: it’s always such a waste at an exponential pace we’re trapped inside the world killing time and space burning down the walls and tearing down the doors have you had enough? well i want some more did you really think that this had meaning? there’s no difference between life and dreaming about 60 million years ago some apes decided they’d be better off terrible now the world is dead and rotten and the apes are long forgotten but here we are, in spite of all odds while you check your phone and there’s a guy named todd and the world has gone to hell cuz i’m not about to chorus the clock is ticking but i’m talking to you now you never understood the world is round let’s take it to a flat place this time i have had enough of your face- please die chorus
Goblins 04:42
i been spendin' too much time with goblins i hear them whispering to me and every time i try to solve a problem there’s just another goblin- just another goblin in my life it’s a new day; a time for reconstruction and time to gain a function- but here comes a goblin everywhere i look there’s just another one- looking at me nowhere to hide nowhere to run- they’re laughing at me chorus: i spend my life surrounded by goblins it may seem surreal but it’s real to me and every time i’ve got a problem there’s only goblins there for me the goblins came- they came from space but they were looking for another place but now they’re here- and they want to destroy the humans but i guess that’s fine with me chorus 10,000 years in space with goblins- they tortured me I hear them laughing in my sleep but everybody tells me i’ve got problems they don’t believe in goblins like me- they don’t know the goblins are real i still believe in goblins i still believe in me- but mainly goblins i’ve got the goblins


released April 13, 2018

Welcome To Bonkers is the fifth abomination brought forth by
Nekrogoblikon unto humanity

Nekrogoblikon is:
Nicky Calonne – Vocals, Keyboards, Programming
Alex Alereza – Guitars
Aaron Minich – Keyboards
Aaron VanZutphen – Bass
Eric W. Brown – Drums

Produced and Mixed by Jason Suecof at Audiohammer Studios
Mastered by Ted Jensen and Justin Shturtz from Sterling Sound

All music written by Nicky Calonne, except:
“The Skin Thief” written by Nicky Calonne and Alex Alereza
“Goblins” written by Nicky Calonne and Jason Suecof

All lyrics written by Nicky Calonne, except:
“The Skin Thief” written by Nicky Calonne and Xan Calonne

All music performed by Nekrogoblikon, except:
All guitars and bass on “Goblins” and guitar solo on “Killing Time”
performed by Jason Suecof
Banjo intro on “Killing Time” performed by Al Glassman from Job For A

Artwork by Nicholas Knudson
Album layout by Daniel McBride

Nekrogoblikon thanks: Brett Powell, Travis Richter, Jason Suecof,
Brendon Small, Brandon Dermer

Nicky thanks: Allie, Arbus, Bears, family & friends.

Alex thanks: my family, my bandmates, Brett, Travis, Jason, Nick
Knudson, Joe Nelson, and anyone who actually reads these liner notes

Aaron Minich thanks: the fans of goblins, metal, the wearing of masks,
kazoos, yelling both loudly and softly, the shred, pooping with beef, not
wearing masks, tour diaries, money spenders, and my god damn
hands. Thank you and may you have many pleasurable listens, you truly
are the bread into my butter...that is all. 

Aaron VanZutphen thanks: All my friends and family. Amber, the boys,
Brett, Jason, smells bad, and Tonka above all else. I wouldn't be here without you sweety!

Eric thanks: My momma and my dadda and my other parental units for
always believing in me LOL! The rest of the Nekro buds for taking me in
like a stray dog, Tim the OG goblin for being my myspace friend, Admiral Pat & Commodore Justin, the Oddwood boys and girls, Magic Hammer the Band, Kenzie the Lady, Navi the Dog, Vale of Pnath, my sick roommates for tolerating my blasting beats, Jason Salaz, Jason Suecof, Alestorm I guess, Jake and The Æther Realms, Malcolm, Mike and the Inferi/Artisan Era fam, Andrew Kim, my siblings: Phillip Alex Galen Ariel MC Emily, Randy Edwards aka Famdy Litwards, Thierry + Sylvain and the Sabotage crew, Sean Connery, Shawn Dreyfuss, Richard Dreyfuss, Richard Lewis, Lewis Black, Black & Tan, Black Lives Matter, Concentrated Dark Matter, Orange Juice not from concentrate. And much :heartemoji: to all my friends, fans, and extended family across the flat earth and in space. To
heck with the rest. Now frick off!


all rights reserved



Nekrogoblikon Los Angeles, California

What happens when you put a bunch of bloodthirsty, music-loving goblins together? Well, a lot of disembowelment, but also a lot of catchy tunes. Formed six millennia ago, and practicing only every other leap year on a full moon, the band has perfected their brand of crushing goblin music. ... more


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